The 2012 Generation Next All-Star Camp tipped off this past weekend as a buffet of talented and hungry middle school prospects hit the hardwood in Wisconsin for the annual hoops gala.  Day 1 saw some huge performances up and down the classes but none bigger than that delivered by Kentucky wing Willie Hill III who shined on both ends of the court.  We begin our coverage of the 2012 Generation Next All-Star Camp with a recap of some of the top performances on Saturday in our Day 1 recap…


Sebastian Baugh - 2016 - F/C – Howard Pulley
6-4/195 - Pella, IA

Baugh has an outstanding all-around game offensively. He can stretch the floor with his shooting, but also has a well refined game inside the paint as well. On Saturday that was on display as he served up a couple of solid performances.

Paxton Bergdoll – 2016 – PF – Spiece Indy Heat
6-5/175 – Fort Wayne, IN

The talented young post prospect impressed on day 1 as he finished around the basket, attacked the glass, and showed an ability to step away and knock down jumpers with range beyond the arc.  Long, lean, and instinctive, Bergdoll was impressive on Saturday.

Remontae Blakely – 2018 – SF – Wisconsin Playground Warriors
5-9/140 – Milwaukee, WI

Really enjoy watching this young man perform and Saturday was no exception as he was active and slashing his way through the gym in impressive fashion.  Has the potential to dominant offensively and defensively and that was evident at times on day 1 of the camp.

Sage Booker – 2018 – G/F – Net Gain Sports
5-6/135 – Minneapolis, MN

A tough and talented wing with the ability to control the glass, Booker was active on Saturday in impressive fashion as he dominated the glass and scored at will in transition and off of offensive rebounds with a solid opening day effort.

Logan Bush – 2016 – F/C – Gateway Basketball
6-5/165 – St. Louis, MO

The long skilled post talent showed an advanced skill package with range on Saturday as he knocked down perimeter shots, finished around the basket, showed solid instincts around the basket, and attacked the glass at times.  A solid opening day effort for Bush.

Alonzo Chatman – 2016 – PF – Mac Irvin Fire
6-7/195 – Chicago, IL

Really impressed on Saturday as Chatman showed speed, quickness, nice athleticism, solid instincts, etc.  He was active in the paint, attacked the glass, finished in transition, ran the floor, and delivered a strong and eye opening performance on Saturday in impressive fashion.

Kaj Days – 2016 – F/C – Playground Elite
6-5/155 – Racine, WI

The talented and skilled forward delivered on day 1 in impressive fashion as he attacked the glass, finished around the basket, and was active on both ends of the court in the paint.  One of the top incoming freshmen in the country, Days was solid on day 1.

Grant DeMeulenaere – 2018 – PG – Kingdom Hoops
5-0/90 – Pella, IA

An instinctive and skilled lead guard, DeMeulenaere was impressive on Saturday with his floor leadership, his ability to create, and his ability to knock down perimeter shots as well.  A solid floor general on the rise, he was exceptional at times on day 1.

Jermaine Glosson - 2016 - F - DTA Spartans
6-0/190 - Milwaukee, WI

Glosson is very athletic and makes big plays at the rim. Glosson excels in the open floor, rising above his opponents for lay ups and blocked shots. That was evident on day 1 as he made things happen on both ends while displaying a young but versatile skill set.

Tyler Herro - 2018 - G - Wisconsin Playground Warriors
5-5/100 - Greenfield, WI

Hero is a very smooth guard who can mix things up offensively. Herro can shoot the ball well from three, but also posses’ the skills to create inside the paint.  He rebounded from a slow morning effort to shine in the afternoon as he knocked down trey balls, attacked the rim, and really took over the game at times.

Ethan Henderson – 2018 – F/C – Arkansas Hawks
6-5/150 – Little Rock, AK

A long, lean, and instinctive big man with exceptional potential, Henderson was extremely impressive on day 1 as he moved well without the ball, showed nice agility in the paint, displayed solid instincts and a great feel for the game, and was active on both ends of the floor.  Has solid rebounding ability, can finish around the basket, etc.  Really impressed with his current skill set and the promise of his potential in the future on day 1.

Willie Hill III – 2018 – SF – Louisville Legends
5-10/125 – Louisville, KY

The talented slashing wing from Kentucky was exceptional on day 1 as he scored in transition, attacked off the bounce, knocked down jumpers, and impressed on both ends with his activity and ability to make things happen.  Whether it was on offense or the defensive end of the floor Hill found ways to dominate the games at times and he opened a lot of eyes in the process.

Eden Holt - 2018 - PG - Rytes Warriors
4-10/85 - Katy, TX

Holt can rack up points in a hurry with his terrific handles and stop and pop game from the perimeter. He was virtually unstoppable at times on Saturday as he drilled a number of perimeter jumpers, delivered solid passes, and showed leadership and charisma in a solid opening day effort.

Michael Lewis II - 2016- SG - N/A
5-11/145 - Florissant, MO

Lewis is a terrific scorer and shooter who finds ways to get himself open for good looks offensively.  He scored in bunches at times and impressed in the process on day 1.

Te’Jon Lucas – 2016 – PG – DTA Spartans
5-4/105 – Milwaukee, WI

Lucas was solid on day 1 in the morning but he elevated his play substantially in the afternoon as he was active and aggressive and delivered a quality second session performance.  Showed solid handles, nice playmaking ability, he finished off the bounce, and knocked down a couple jumpers as well with a solid performance on day 1.

Danya Kingsby - 2016 - G - Milwaukee Rebels
6-0/150 - Milwaukee, WI

Kingsby displayed tremendous speed with the ball in his hands and is excellent in the fast break. Kingsby will also play tough defense, coming up with numerous steals in each game Saturday. He was virtually unstoppable off the bounce Saturday and was able to get to the rim at will.

Cire Mayfield – 2018 – PG – Net Gain Sports
5-0/90 – Minneapolis, MN

Really impressed in the afternoon on day 1 as he was active, plays excellent defense in half court sets and in transition, attacked off the bounce, delivered solid passes in transition, attacked the rim off the dribble and knocked down jumpers.  A strong opening day for the quick lead guard from Minnesota.

Juwan McCloud – 2016 – PG – DTA Spartans
5-8/120 – Menomonee Falls, WI

Opened the camp with a strong morning session on Saturday as he showcased his handles, playmaking, and ability to attack the rim off the bounce.  Has excellent vision and solid playmaking ability that he utilized to deliver a solid opening day effort.

Octavious Parker – 2017 – G – Playground Elite
5-6/120 – Chicago, IL

Struggled in the morning on Saturday but rebounded with a strong afternoon performance where he ripped the nets from long range and delivered a big time floor performance in the second session.

Jack Popp – 2016 – G/F – Playground Elite
6-2/170 – Mequon, WI

Was exceptional on day 1 as he showed range, an ability to attack the rim, and solid instincts on both ends.  He was active, aggressive, and dominant from start to finish as he scored in transition, collected rebounds, was active defensively, and delivered dominant performances in both sessions on Saturday.

Courtney Ramey – 2018 – PG – Ramey Basketball
5-7/105 – St. Louis, MO

Pulled his calf muscle on Saturday afternoon which slowed him for the rest of the weekend but prior to that Ramey was exceptional as he scored off the dribble, ripped the nets from long range, delivered solid passes in transition, and looked the part of the top 2018 prospect he’s regarded to be.  The best part was after being forced to shut it down he cheered his team and found ways to still be a leader in the gym on Saturday evening despite not being able to participate.

Berry Sykes – 2018 – F/C – Arkansas Hawks
6-3/165 – Little Rock, AK

The talented interior prospect was dominant from start to finish on Saturday as he controlled the glass, altered shots with a number of blocks, and powered in baskets in the paint.  Was dominant and impressive in the same sense on day 1 as he delivered one of the top performances of the day.

Jordan Walker – 2016 – G – Spiece Indy Heat
5-10/150 – Indianapolis, IN

Really impressed at times on Saturday as he scored at will with a versatile offensive package that included dribble drives, jumpers, and long range strokes from beyond the arc.  Opened a lot of eyes on Saturday with a couple of impressive performances.

Cedric Washington - 2018 - PF - Rytes Warriors
6-0/160 - Katy, TX

Washington worked extremely hard for everything he got on Saturday. Washington out hustled the opposition up the floor for lay ups and offensive rebounds and delivered a solid opening day effort in the process.

Brunard Williams - 2018 - F/C - TP Elite
6-4/175 - Milwaukee, WI

Brunard is a match up nightmare with his strong body and ability to handle the ball like a guard. Brunard can run the fast break and does a good job taking the ball strong to the hole.  He showed flashes of his ability on Saturday when he was assertive and aggressive.

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