As well to the MVP’s and Standouts, there were plenty of other players having stellar performances. Here are several more players from Saturday showcase that really helped themselves out with their high level of play. 

Javerion Banks – 2025 – PG – World Hoops Elite

Banks played well at the Futures Camp last year and now had another strong performance this year at the Junior/Senior Showcase. He is an incredibly quick and shifty point guard that was at his best playing on the attack. With his moves and acceleration, he was often getting into the paint and making plenty of plays. While he scored it well on the attack, Banks was also always looking to distribute the ball out and showed good vision on his drives. The bouncy guard was very effective in both the half court and in the transition game. 

Zach Behn – 2025 – G – Chapman Basketball

There is much to like about the physical tools of Behn as a wing guard standing at 6’7” with good length and bounce as well to showing an improved and well-rounded skill set throughout the showcase. As well to his size and skill, Behn plays with good feel. While he did much of his scoring playing on the attacking moving well with the ball and finishing right over defenders, he also knocked down some outside jumpers consistently. He also stood out making plenty of good passes and energy on the defensive end defending multiple positions effectively. 

Pryce Gregoire – 2025 – SF – Team Herro

With his energetic play all event, the junior was one of the Hustle Award recipients. Much more than just an energy player, Gregoire has some size on the wings at 6’6” with a good skill set to go with it. He showed a good scoring ability shooting it very well from the outside both off the catch and dribble but also made plenty of plays off the dribble playing on the attack and finishing in traffic around the paint. Gregoire currently holds an offer from Northern Michigan who had offered him over the summer.  

Leondre Hayes – 2024 – G – Pride Roc

Whether it was getting into the paint and creating or hitting shots from the outside Hayes was scoring the ball at a high rate. He played well throughout the camp and only continued to get better each game. The senior has a smooth jumper from the outside but is also very quick with the ball in his hands playing on the attack. With his quickness and athleticism, Hayes also proved to be a tough on ball defender. 

Cooper Jesperson – 2025 – G – Wisconsin Playmakers

While the 6’3” guard has a good ability to play on or off the ball, he greatly impressed with his play running the point throughout the showcase. With his stellar play, Jesperson was given the Floor General Award. Game after game he excelled with his play on the attack consistently getting into the defense and making plays. A quality scorer who is able to get it done from all three levels but stood out with his distributing ability and smart play with the ball in his hands. 

Karson Osterman – 2025 – PG – MTXE

After a very impressive summer playing with MTXE, Osterman continued to play extremely well here. He greatly impressed as one of the better point guards of the camp at the 2025 level. He plays very smart with the ball in his hands and showed a very good ability to create for his teammates. He reads the floor well on the attack and continuously made good quick decisions. More than just a facilitator, Osterman also shot the ball well from three.