As one of the strongest groups of the GNBA Championships, the 13U level had tremendous talent. As well to the top performers, here are several more players that brought their top game for championship weekend. 

Brock Brown – 2028 – SF – MidPro Academy

The lengthy wing has a good size and a well-rounded game to be a big part of MidPro’s final four tournament. He impressed throughout the tournament including games of 15 and 14 points on Saturday and then 16 on Sunday in the quarterfinals win. He plays at his best off the dribble getting all the way to the basket often and making some nice passes on the move but also hit several threes over the weekend. 

Jacob Duffin – 2028 – G/F – Peoria Pride

One of the more versatile and impactful players that was a big piece or an impressive weekend for the Peoria Pride reaching the title game with multiple big wins. A standout on both ends of the floor with his defensive versatility locking down multiple positions with his length and quickness. Offensively he moves well with the ball in his hands and scored it effectively driving into the paint as well as pulling up in the mid-range. 

Ben Hills – 2028 – F – RAS Bucks

Throughout the GNBA season, Hills has consistently been one of the top players at the 13U level and that continued at this championship weekend. Hills started things off with a 15-point game in a win on Friday and then went for 18 on Saturday. He has good size already at 6’2” to score it well around the paint but moves well and can handle the ball. More than just a scorer, he was also one of the better rebounders this tournament going aggressive to the glass on every miss. 

Cole Kelly – 2028 – F – Illinois Flight

Another championship game and another big performance by Kelly leading the Flight to the 13U championship. In the title game, the tough forward went for 19 leading the way. He has good size but really is able to take over with paint on both ends with his strength and especially his energetic play. In the title game he was unstoppable on the offensive glass. He also led them to start the tournament with a very efficient 13-point game. 

Jordan Mitchell – 2028 – G/F – Mac Irvin Fire

Over the course of multiple games Mitchell impressed with all he can do on the floor. He is a versatile and effective scorer but also passed the ball well. He is a strong, good size wing that also contributed greatly with his tough and versatile defensive play as well to his rebounding. 

Braydon Porter – 2028 – G/F – Illinois Flight

Porter has been a key for the great success of the Flight this season and especially this tournament. He impressed over the course of multiple games including 17-points in the championship victory. Porter is a lengthy wing that is a real standout on both ends of the floor with his well-rounded game. A very tough and versatile defender with his quickness and physical tools.  

Everett Yarbrough – 2028 – PG – MTXE

As well to being a quality scorer, going for 14-points in a game I saw on Saturday but also is a skilled distributor. Already at a young age, Yarbrough has good point guard skills and really looks to distribute the basketball. He’s at his best playing on the attack to get into the paint creating for himself and teammates but also showed a good jumper from the outside. 

Graham Young – 2028 – F – Indiana Ice

A strong forward that started the tournament off with a 16-point game but contributed in numerous ways. A very tough finisher getting it done all around the paint and mid-range. He worked well in traffic finishing through contract as well as facing up to the basket driving strong.