The 13U group at the GNBA Championships was a special group with plenty of standouts. There was just so many great performances over the entire tournament. He are the players that shined the most having remarkable performances over the weekend.

Brady Costigan – 2028 – G – Reach Legends

Costigan is lengthy wing guard with a versatile game. A slasher that maneuvers well with the ball and has good moves attacking the basket and uses his long strides to get into the paint quickly scoring effectively on drives and cuts. He was also making plenty of plays with his passing, versatile defense, and energetic play.

Orlando Edwards – 2028 – G – Peoria Pride

Edwards was one of the top guards at the 13U level having multiple big games helping his team all the way to the championship game. This included a 24-point game on Sunday in a quarterfinal’s matchup and then 20 points in the semifinals. He shot the ball very well from the outside but plays even better on the attack getting all the way to the basket often. Edwards maneuvers extremely well with the ball and defenders all tournament struggled staying in front of him. 

Chase Jones – 2028 – SF – MidPro South

It was another strong weekend for the versatile wing forward who helped MidPro South all the way to the semifinals. In that semifinals matchup not only did he do a bit of everything but also scored 17-points. He has some size at 6’3” but still moves well to play effectively both in the paint and out on the perimeter scoring it effectively from all over. 

Galen Kamp – 2028 – G/F – Minnesota Magic Black

In my first-time seeing Kamp, he more than impressed having one of the best games of the tournament. Kamp already has a very good combination of athleticism, skill, and size that you don’t see often at the 13U level to do nearly everything on the floor. Running the point, defending multiple positions, creating his own shot, rebounding everything near him, being unstoppable playing on the attack, distributing, Kamp was getting everything done.   

Jason Susdorf – 2028 – PG – Region Force

The highly skilled and dynamic Susdorf continues to be a fixture on this top performer list with his elite play. He continues to be one top scorers on the entire GNBA starting the tournament off with a 24-point game in a two-point win and then going for 22 and 21 points in his other two games. Whether it is creating his own shot from the outside or mid-range or attacking the paint, Susdorf can get it done from all over extremely well. He plays with great feel and moves so well with the ball. 

Amir Tucker – 2028 – PG – Young & Reckless

The point guard had one of the top performances of the tournament with a 28-point game. This included knocking down five threes but is much more than just a scorer. Even at a young age he plays the point guard position very well with such a good ability to create for his teammates in addition to defending the ball on the other end. While still more than a year out from high school, he has a very advanced all-around game. 

Kayden Turner – 2028 – PG – MidPro Academy

Amongst a field of great shooters, Turner was one of the best. All tournament long the guard displayed a great ability to be a knockdown shooter, especially off the catch. This included a 24-point game while hitting six threes to advance MidPro into the semifinals. Much more than shooter, Turner also plays well with the ball in his hands with a nice array of point guard skills.  

Ethan Vahl – 2028 – PG – Illinois Flight

Another tournament, another Flight championship, and another appearance for Vahl on this list. At the 13U level his skills are unmatched. He is an elite scorer and distributor that was doing it all weekend long. Vahl excels with the ball in his hands with his playmaking ability, hitting shots off the dribble and showing great court vision. This tournament he also stood out on the defensive end as a part of his team’s pressure defense playing with great energy and utilizing his quickness.