There were several teams that greatly impressed during the GNBA Championships. With a lot of great teams and players there was plenty of competition for this list. Here are the ones that stood out the most with their play over the two days. 

Angelo Adams – 2028 – PG – Chi-Town Bulldogs

An incredibly skilled playmaking point guard. What he doesn’t have in size he makes up with his abilities. He is incredibly quick with the ball in his hands often getting into the paint as well to creating his own shot on the outside. Adams shoots the ball well from three both off the catch and dribble to put up some big scoring totals with 19 in the quarterfinals and an efficient 12 in the semifinals and was an instrumental piece in the Bulldogs championship weekend. 

Roman Allen – 2028 – G – The Family

Allen was a big reason of why The Family was able to advance to the semifinals of the platinum bracket. He has a good all-around game and with his energy was a very effective player on both ends of the floor. He plays well with the ball in his hands getting into the defense but can also shoot the ball from the outside. A tough on ball defender who really works on that end to lock down his man on the perimeter. 

Cash Myers – 2028 – F – Bombers Elite

Myers impressed all spring and the GNBA Championships was no different. He has some size and can be very effective playing in the post but can also play out on the perimeter. When going up against bigger post he was making plenty of plays on the outside hitting down outside threes plus attacking the basket. He is such a tough matchup with his ability to go to work scoring inside. He has plenty of big games including 16 in the title game with so much defensive attention on him.

Logan Patterson – 2028 – SG – All In Athletics

Patterson is an incredibly impactful player that had some great performances at the GNBA Championships. He has some size and length in the backcourt plus quicknes and with his skills he was doing a bit of everything for his team in a ten-point opening round win. He is very strong going to the basket playing through contact. Patterson scored it in bunches around the paint doing so in a crowd. He was also very aggressive on the boards battling to grab each one. 

Marion Persich – 2028 – F – MidPro Academy

As well to being one of the bigger players at the 12U level, Persich is also a versatile forward with some good skills. He showed a good ability to handle the ball attacking the basket as well as passing it. Though he can also use his size and toughness inside scoring the ball and being a force on the glass. 

Jason Susdorf – 2028 – PG – Team GRIII

Susdorf has continued to impress with all of his skills the entire spring on the GNBA. In addition to being a point guard who can run an offense and facilitate, he also put up some big point totals himself. He has a good ability to create his own shots as he moves so well with the basketball and shoots it off the dribble from the mid-range and three. He is incredibly tough to defend off the dribble as not only does he have his shooting ability but is also so quick to the basket. Susdorf excels coming off screens but is just as good playing in space with the ball in his hands. 

Roosevelt Thomas – 2028 – PF – Chi-Town Bulldogs

While the Bulldogs have plenty of talent, Thomas was dominant throughout the tournament to lead his team to a 12U platinum championship. He is an incredibly aggressive and strong forward that was just bullying defenders inside scoring right through them at a high rate. Whether it was playing with his back to the basket, facing up, or on put backs, Thomas could not be stopped. He had multiple big scoring games over the two days. 

Jared Van Donselaar – 2028 – G/F – Kessel Heat

For being a six-footer with good length in the 2028 class, Van Donselaar already possesses a good skill set. The wing can handle the ball and make plays off the dribble, knocks down shots spotting up from the perimeter, and has a good passing ability. He is such a versatile player that was doing so much for his team with all his physical tools and skills.