From tournament to tournament there were plenty of players on this year’s NY2LA Association that showed incredible growth as a player. Each of these players showed true development from the start of the season in April all the way to the end in July. While plenty of players made huge leaps in their game, here are the ones who had the greatest development. 

Rashawn Bost – 2022 – G – Illinois Future

While Bost has been a quality scoring from day one, by the summer tournaments he was one of the top playmakers on the entire association. He has great quickness as well to his moves to get anywhere he wants with the ball. His ability with the ball only continued to grow creating his own shot from the outside and distributing at a high level. 

Camden Brown – 2024 – G – Mid Pro Academy

Brown had the type of season this list is made for. Early in the season he was an impactful player with good versatility and promise but showed so much more by the end of the season. In the final tournament of the season in Orlando he was able to make the top performers list at the 15U level. He’s an athletic wing guard that continued to round out his game doing so much on the floor, defending the ball at a high level, good slasher, skilled passer, and more. 

Finley Deischer – 2023 – G – Wisconsin Dynasty

The junior has always shown a high level of skills with his shot making ability but has continued to develop the rest of his game. He has greatly improved his playmaking ability with the ball, handle, decision making, as well to his strength. Over the year Deischer grew into one of the better playmaking point guards on the association. 

Jacob Dunham – 2023 – G – JH1 Elite

Tournament after tournament, Dunham had great growth as a player culminating in a big performance at the Grassroots Summer Championships to end the season. His skill set greatly improved with his ability to hit perimeter jumpers, attack the basket, and more. He continuously played with plenty of energy to be a big contributor for a good JH1 squad. 

Tameron Ferguson – 2024 – G – Team GetShook 

While Ferguson was already one of the top point guards on the 15U level of the association he only continued to improve each and every tournament. He has such a good ability to both score and distribute the ball. A talented playmaker that shoots it well from the perimeter, skilled passer on the move, and quick to the basket. The sophomore is just a skilled all-around point guard that shows good decision making and advanced play for his age.  

Connor May – 2024 – F – All In Athletics

The 6’5” wing forward truly grew as a player over the few months of the season. With his great versatility he only continued to grow as a highly impactful player. May is a true stat stuffer that can do just a bit of everything. He can score from the perimeter, gets to the basket and finish strong inside, defends multiple positions well, battles on the glass, and much more. 

Michael Olaly – 2024 – F – Team Temple

Another 2024 on this list that college coaches will want to be familiar with if they continue to have the same development as the past several months. Standing at 6’7” with his aggressiveness, Olaly grew into a force in the paint on both ends. Overpowering defenders and having some soft touch he did a great job scoring it inside in addition to his rim protecting ability on the other end. 

Ethan Varin – 2022 – F – Texas Tar Heels

By the end of the season in July, Varin developed into one of the better contributors on the association. The 6’5” small forward has a good all-around game and only continued to develop those skills as well to playing with a big motor every game to always make a big impact. Varin impressed the most with his versatile scoring ability getting it done every way possible.