A plethora of talented 2021 prospects are still on the board in the 2021 class and with the spring and summer travel season approaching expecting to hear more and more about various 2021 prospects coming off the board later than usual.  No state is excused from this current landscape that was created heavily due to the COVID-19 recruiting restrictions in place along with the new NCAA transfer rules.  That being said, there’s plenty of legitimate Division 1 and high level Division 2 talent on the board no matter what state you peek into.

The state of Minnesota has their fair share and talented marksmen Xavier White of Hopkins (MN) is front and center in that conversation.  A versatile skilled 6’7 plus length wing, White grew 4 inches over the past 12-18 months and he expanded his game during that process making for a highly intriguing up and coming talent for the college ranks.  He has excellent range, a pure stroke, an ability to create in half court sets and he sees the floor well in transition with solid advance passing ability.  A solid athlete, White really is just starting to take off with his added size and his best basketball lies ahead making him a potential steal for the right school.

VMI, Georgia Southern, etc. have all kicked the tires on White but the lack of a high school season to date in Minnesota combined with Division 1 college coaches not being permitted out in 2020 has slowed his recruitment, much like it has done the same to so many others.  That being said White is a legitimate Division 1 high level Division 2 prospect that is a must watch talent for schools in near of a sharpshooting marksmen that can take over the game.

He played with the Gain Elite program during the grassroots travel season.