The Generation Next Basketball Association Top 40 Camp took place Saturday at Brown Deer High School (WI). The camp featured a number of the top performers from various teams in this year’s GNBA, where they participated in drill work and a series of 3 games to cap off the day. In Part 1 below, you can catch a recap of how each of the guards in the camp performed during game-play on Saturday, with a Part 2 coming next covering how the forwards and post players played at the camp.

Note - Not listed in any particular order

Harding took home the Floor General Award after a stellar day of manning the point guard position for his team and making plays all over the court. He was dropping no look dimes to teammates for scores; made great passes in transition for buckets; made a nice drive into a spin move and got the foul call going up; and knocked down some three-pointers off the wings.

Dunham played tough and his effort was evident in all of his team’s games. He made some nice plays around the hoop with some shorter range shots, and was otherwise really strong rebounding the basketball, coming down with a number of defensive boards and a couple offensive ones as well.

Klesmit did a bit of everything for his team Saturday at the camp. While not scoring a ton, he made a couple big shots, including a corner three for his team in a defender’s eye, and was active rebounding from the guard position. He also had a sweet no-look pass to a teammate on the block where he looked off the defender to the win and dropped the pass down with precision.

ASA THOMAS – 2023 – SG
Thomas showed off his shooting and good vision with his passing throughout the games. He took home a share of the Sharp-Shooter Award due to his perimeter precision all day. He nailed three after three with really good efficiency, knocking down 6 for 10 in the second game alone. He also hit some mid-range jumpers and runners going down the center of the lane, and was able to get the and-1 finish at the hoop. Thomas also had a great fast break oop to a teammate for one assist.

Reffers did a lot of his work by capitalizing on his effort and anticipation defensively. He ran out well on fast breaks and was excellent finishing in that capacity. Reffers hit a baseline three-ball and eyed up a couple steals where he transitioned for tough lay-ins over defenders.

Despite his day getting cut a bit short after turning his ankle, Herro’s time on the floor was impactful. Showing off good handle and vision, Herro made a number of nice passes to teammates and got his group in a good flow overall offensively. He also knocked down some nice shots, including a three from range.

LANDON KEY – 2023 – G
Key made some good shots during his play Saturday, and was effective on both ends of the court. With his feel for the game and instincts, he made some great plays defensively and was solid rebounding. Offensively, he made a few nice passes, scored going to the hoop a couple times and was able to drill a three-pointer for his team.

Wesley was excellent with his hustle and overall defensive effort on Saturday which garnered him recognition from the camp coaches. He was quick on the ball; he finished a couple nice plays on fast breaks; glided past a defender for a lefty lay-in; hit a mid-range jumper; and made an awesome steal off an inbound play and quickly finished the turnover with a lay-up.

Joiner had a solid day making some splash plays defensively and converted plays a number of times in transition. The quick young guard made a sweet steal and went in for the bucket on the other end; he had a great block on a big man going up for a shot by coming from behind and taking the ball; hit a three from the wing; and was able to finish off another transition basket with a tough athletic play to the rim.

Lewis put himself in contention for recognition in the camp with his overall point guard play during the games. He showed his great handles and was making some great passes, including a nice one-handed overhand bounce pass on the fast break for an assist. Lewis was driving to the hoop well and finished tough at times all the way to the basket on both sides and drew fouls, or hit a little floater down the middle, and also sank a three.

COLE HANSEN – 2024 – G 
Hansen took home the Mr. Hustle Award for his all-out effort throughout the games at camp Saturday. The young guard prospect was tough on both ends of the floor and showed good versatility offensively by hitting shots outside and being able to finish at the hoop. He had good drives to the left for scores, hit the three, scored in transition off good defensive play, hit a pull-up jumper on the break, had a lay-up looping under and around a defender and another where he drove baseline and crossed to the opposite side for a lefty lay-in.

Holton showed off good versatility with his game Saturday, making plays at multiple levels for his team in the different games. The first game he went 2-for-3 from the three-point line, and in the second game he did more of his work going to the basket and finishing strong, driving and scoring off the bounce. He also made a couple nice hustle plays.

NAZ BEAMON – 2024 – PG
After a tough start to the gameplay for Beamon, he recovered nicely in the latter 2 games and made some steady and heads-up plays. He had a nice drive and finish to the hoop on one play, he finally showed good patience with the ball on another play where he controlled his dribble and got to a spot to pull-up for a mid-range jumper and knocked it down, then later had a nice lefty finish slicing by the defenders another play.

Whitlock took home a Coaches Award for his efforts at camp as he was working hard and making a lot of plays throughout the day. He made some nice plays with his quickness to the rim and finished the drives; was hitting three’s including going 3-of-5 in the second contest and finished that game with 23 points and 3 assists, as he was also making some smart passes for scores. Whitlock had a nice pull-up jumper off the right elbow, finished on fast breaks and was electric at times for his team.

SETH MIRON – 2023 – G 
Miron showed to be one of those quiet contributors for his team who just keeps making plays consistently. He was excellent getting up the floor in transition and finished with good touch for the lay-ups; then he also knocked down a couple three’s, including one on the break; and was otherwise getting after loose balls and making hustle plays, hitting a couple other shots and helping his team.

Brooks was straight-up awesome for his team throughout the games on Saturday and took home the other share of the Sharp-Shooter Award. From the three-point line, Brooks was lights out and draining seemingly every shot he saw from there. He hit pull-up three’s; spot up three’s; hit them from the wing and top of the key and hit them in transition as well. Beyond the three ball, Brooks also made plays attacking the basket, hustled and got after it on the boards and was able to find teammates on the fast break with some nice passes. He had a high of 26 points, going 6-of-9 from three in the second game.

Bettis went home with the Mr. Intangibles Award after getting after it all day and making plays on both ends of the floor in a variety of ways for his team. He had a great change of direction no-look pass for an assist in transition early; made a couple nice finishes through contact; went around a defender with craftiness for a lefty finish; and had soft touch on his finishes. He made plays on defense, got some rebounds and had a really nice strong drive to the hoop for a finish and foul on another play.

Young did a nice job using his athleticism and effort on both ends of the floor to make an impact. He passed the ball well, he was able to finish going to the rim, and also knocked down a short fade away jumper. Had to shut it down early due to an injury but prior to that he won the knockout skills competition and showcased his fill the box score game that makes him one of the most dominant up and coming 2023’s in the Midwest.