Bryce Lance is a talented basketball and football player. Bryce is the younger brother of Trey. Trey was an outstanding football player and basketball player at Marshall. Trey then lit college football a blaze as being the only freshman ever to win the college football offensive player of the year award. You could say pressure is on.

Bryce is up for the challenge at six-foot two-inches tall. That's solid height for a guard which he combines with good strength, and speed that he's honed on the gridiron. He has skills to hit jumpers from all over the floor and shown growth as a leader for Marshall.

Marshall basketball at the time of this interview was 23-1. They're now 24-2. Lance is third in scoring at 11.9 points per game, and is the starting point guard next to recently committed to University of Souix Falls Noah Puetz. Marshall is looking at a State Tournament run.

Q: How's the season going so far? 
A: Pretty good!  

Q: You guys beat Waseca earlier this year. How do you guys go in confident but also not overly confident?
A: Yeah they’re a good team so we just have to play our game and play together. We have a lot of guys that can do a lot of good things, but we know there are always things we can improve on.

Q: In what ways have you played well this year?
A: I feel like I have been able to be a leader this year and helped my team in all the ways I can. I take pride on the defensive end and feel that I can get my shot when I need to.

Q: Does being a leader come naturally to you?
A: I’ve had a lot of great leaders before me, one of them being my brother, that have really taught me how to have success, so I have always been really grateful for that.

Q: How is it to see your brother doing so well at NDSU?
A: It’s really cool to see all the hard work he has done is paying off.

Q: How's recruiting going for you so far? 
A: It’s going well. I’m hearing from colleges for both football and basketball. I’m probably hearing from more football coaches right now. 

Q: Is there a sport you want to play more in college?
A: I’m not really sure yet, planning on just attacking both and seeing where my best opportunities are.

Q: Are you playing AAU this spring and summer? And who do you for? 
A: Yes. SW Stars