In 2018-19 Max Wilson was gaining recognition as an Eighth grader playing Varsity at Brooklyn Center High School averaging over 10 points per game. Over the summer playing AAU and the CP3 Rising Stars camp Wilson's profile up itself even more. Having good height, six-foot four-inches, smooth perimeter game, and maturity as a passer and creator, has caught eyes of prospect evaluators. 

During the summer of 2019 while Wilson was bubbling, Brooklyn Center Head Coach Matthew McCollister made a decision to step down as Head Coach to accept the same position at South St. Paul. On the surface it seemed odd, McCollister was building something at Brooklyn Center over after most of his talented roster left to Minnesota Prep Academy.

At South St. Paul, Wilson followed his trusted coach and joined soaring Sophomore Alonzo Dodd. At South, the trio along with Marquise Gleb produced the most wins at South in 50 years. Finishing 2019-20 at 17-9, Wilson averaged 12 points and 6.4 assists contributing as the leader in assists and being the 3rd leading scorer. 

Q: How's the season going so far? 
A: Season is going great. My brothers and I are good. We like the coaching staff and we are making history.

Q: I hear you guys have won the most games at South in a long time. How's that feel?
A: It feels great to take a school that had a bad history and change for the better. When I first transferred here everybody was asking why, now they wish they came here with me. It’s crazy how good we’re doing and it’s only our first year together.

Q: How has it been adjusting to going to South after spending last year at Brooklyn Center?
A: Well the upperclassmen have been making it really easy for me and comfortable. Head coach and I have the best bond a player and coach can ask for so it’s been really easy for me to adjust.

Q: That's all good stuff. How do you think you've played overall this year?
A: I’ve played decent this year. Wasn’t my best scoring wise but I’m still doing everything it takes to win every night so I think I’ve been playing okay.

Q: Who are you playing AAU this Spring and Summer?
A: Team Sizzle

Q: What parts of your game will you be improving this Spring and Summer?
A: My off dribble shooting and getting more bounce. That’s it honestly. I feel like I’m good on everything else.

Q: Other than basketball, any other plans for the Spring and Summer?
A: Track probably.