1,000 career points as a sophomore is an accomplishment on its own. Getting there while scoring 25 points a game shows consistency, a key attribute at any age. Scoring 25 a night while winning more games than the school has seen in 50 years? Now we're talking. 

The six-foot two-inch 2022 sophomore guard from South Saint Paul is leading the Packers in scoring and leading them to a 17-9 season while also getting 4.3 assists per game. That's the most games South has won in 50 years. Dodd, Max Wilson, Marquise Gleb, and new coach from Brooklyn Center Matthew McCollister have changed everything South has been about for so long.

Q: How's the season going so far? 
A: The season is going well. We are currently 17-9 which is the most win by a South St. Paul team in 50 years.

Q: I think you got a new coach this year, but anything specific you think is contributing to that improvement?
A: There is a few things, but the most important I think of is the work ethic we put in, our coaches make us work for everything including our starting spot every practice. We just compete and I think that makes the whole team better overall.

Q: I see you are having an impressive scoring season and available stats say 4 assists per game. How do you think you've played so far?
A: I think I’ve played at a high level this year. Credit to my teammates who help me along the way which includes them having enough confidence in me to score in clutch moments or them finishing my passes. Basically making me look good. I like to look at the rankings to motivate me to go after it and have that dog mentality.

Q: Always nice to have teammates make you look good. Who do you play AAU for? 
A: Grassroots Sizzle. 

Q: Is there much difference for you playing high school versus AAU? 
A: Yes it’s a lot different, personally I think AAU is way more fun but I love them both. AAU is a way to get your name out there and playing with the talented friends that I play with is great.

Q: What things do you plan to work on this spring and summer to improve on?
A: I plan on working on my jump shot, speed, and always like to get tighter handles. 

Q: You have other interests and hobbies other than basketball?
A: I play football, that’s about it. I spend most of my time on sports, that’s all I’ve known since I was 4, basketball and football.