When you are big, you get noticed. When you are big and agile, you get major recognition. Francis Nwaokorie, the six-foot eight-inch forward from Champlin Park, uses his ability 

Q: How's the season going so far? 
A: Our season has been going well so far. Even though we started the season off pretty slow, we have been playing very well as of late. We are on an 8 game winning streak.

Q: How have you played? 
A: I feel like I have play up to my expectations this year. I’m also looking to do more as well.

Q: How is your role different this year than last season?
A: My role really didn’t change from last year only that I start this year. But my coaches what me to be more aggressive. That’s the one thing that really didn’t change.

Q: Has been easier to be consistent starting every game?
A: Yeah. It really give me more time to get in a grove on the offensive and defensive end.

Q: How do you find it helps you defensively?
A: It gives me more time to understand what the opposing teams are doing, so I can adjust to it.

Q: Where will you be playing AAU this Spring and Summer?
A: Grassroots Sizzle.

Q: Will that be much of a change for you in styles from Howard Pulley? 
A: Not that big of a change. I play the same regardless of the situation.

Q: How's recruiting going for you?
A: The process has been pretty slow for me but I still have a lot of interest from D1 schools. 

Q:  No offers yet? Any schools specifically you want to share?
A: No offers yet but I have heard from Liberty University, Omaha Nebraska, UND, USD, South Dakota State, Appalachian State, Augustana, University Of Chicago, and Columbia University.