In High School sports it’s important to not write off players too early as growth spurts or development happen at different moments. Terron O’Neill, the younger brother of Delano State Champ 2018 Keegan O'Neill, sometimes waiting is what you do. The younger O’Neill, waiting has come and he’s now producing mightily for the 2019-20 Tigers.

Terron, in 2018-19 averaged 5.7 points per game but the 2020 senior guard is averaging 20 points per game for 2019-20. The Tigers are 12-2, and Terron is the leading scorer on a team that features fellow Senior Keagen Smith, and Junior who’s been on Varsity since he was a freshman, Trey Longstreet.

We caught up with the surprise senior and how his season is going.

Q: How's the season going so far?
A: Really good, looking forward to March.

Q: What has been going best for you?
A: My offense for sure compared to last year I put in a lot more work and it’s really paid off.

Q: How has your role changed?
A: I’d say I’m a bigger part of the offense this year compared to last year with having Derek on the team. We ran most things through him but this year it’s more open and motion offense.

Q: Do you notice how you, Keagen and Trey can all change positions defensively with the height you guys have?
A: Yes that’s a big part of our starting line up with our smallest guy being 6’4” we are able to switch guys easily and be a threat on the defensive end.

Q: Other than basketball, and sports, do you have other interests or hobbies?
A: Really love all sports, I’ve played a different spring sport every year if high school and then I also play soccer