After Niegos injury last year at an travel tournament many schools had began to write him off. However, Grant had other plans. This Gordon Hayward like injury was a devastating for Grant and the entire Niego family but the young Lyons Township guard also saw it as an opportunity for him to become better. 

Niegos injury was eerily similar to that of Boston Celtics SF Gordon Hayward. This injury was devastating not only because of how gruesome it was but because of the impact it would have on Grants recruitment. The summer months going into your senior year of high school are some of the biggest months for athletes to make an impact and show their skills to college scouts. With this injury Niego wouldn't be able to show his game to any of them as he was out from May until November. 

Niego found a way to get better while he was injured. He credits his older brother Harrison who played at Indiana under Coach Tom Crean for helping him develop his offensive game. It took him months to get back from this injury, but Niego knew with some faith and handwork he would be right back in the swing of things. Now he is in the final season of his high school basketball career, some didn't know if he would even make it here but he has come back with a bang. Grant is averaging 22 ppg, 6 rpg and 4 ast. 

Niego had his staple game just before the New Year when he put in 32 points against a good Rolling Meadows team at the Jack Tosh Holiday Tournament. Now is the time were Grant is showing why D2 schools should be involved with him as he has been going up against tough talent and taking defenses head on. He is a smart point guard that takes the right shots. He doesn't make mistakes, he drives into the heart of the opposing defense and can either score it at the rim or find a teammate for an open shot. 

Currently some schools from the GLVC, GLIAC and GMAC have all been involved in his recruitment. Niego looks to become a major contributor on the D2 level. Just remember the name Grant Niego who will continue to show his will to win and become a better player at every level he plays at.