As this year’s NY2LA Spring Extravaganza came to a close, the question became: Who really took the spotlight and shined above the rest? Here are a few prospects who I feel deserve to be seen as part of the best of the best, as well as some young guns who will be fun to watch for years to come.

(Note – Not listed in any particular order)

2017 6’6” Terrence Lewis – Playground Elite – Lewis was a consistent headliner in the 17U Association division this past weekend. There’s no question as to if he’s a good scorer, but rather, just how good he can become. Lewis can score from the post with a turnaround against smaller, less physical guards and wings. Additionally his quick release makes him a threat the second he catches the ball. If you don’t close out, limit his space or make him catch the ball further away from the spot he intended to, his shot is going up and stands a strong chance of going down.

2017 6’2” Teyvion Kirk – All-In Athletics Y&R – Kirk is tough to leave off this list simply because of how he can impact the game. From playing at different speeds, to the pressure he puts on the defense, Kirk makes it easy to notice his abilities. He’s a skilled finisher and has the foundation to become a playmaking point guard as he matures his game.

2016 6’8” Steffon Mitchell – Grassroots Hoops Club – As the game of basketball continues to evolve, it’s becoming increasingly important to find bigs who can stretch the floor. Enter Steffon Mitchell. A 6’8” 225 pound-ish four man who can shoot the midrange and long ball. His mobility will make him an asset at both ends as well.

2018 6’4” Mitch Listau – Wisconsin Swing – Listau is a big part of what makes the 16U Wisconsin Swing perform at a high level. From his feel for the game to his basketball IQ, Mitch has the foundation of a player who can be an impactful offensive player. He doesn’t force many plays and he understands who he is and what he can do as a scorer. Because of that, this team ensures that they swing the ball his way on most possessions.

2018 5’8” Chase Adams – SYF Players – Adams has it in his DNA to be a playmaker. His natural instincts are to get others involved, push the pace and make an impact. His vision and instincts are what makes him stand out. Add to that a solid pull up game and a confidence that elevates his performances that much more.

2019 5’9” Nasir El-Amin – Howard Pulley Washington – Nasir is a tough, hard-nosed guard who likes to attack the rim. Whether it’s in the half court or in transition, El-Amin proved to be a threat when he gets in the lane. He can also knock down jumpers and as he becomes more consistent on his shot, he could develop into a very solid three-level scorer. Nasir draws contact well and almost appears to seek it. The Minneapolis North guard was an excellent finisher during their game against Playground Elite in the afternoon games on Saturday. Nasir uses his dribble well to probe the defense, find his scoring angle and attacks. Aside from being a scorer, he showed he could make good passes on the break to create easy looks for teammates.

2019 5’9” Trequan Carrington – Playground Elite – Trequan was a solid adversary to El-Amin. The toughness and control that Carrington brings to the floor keeps him ahead of the curve at this stage. He has the ability to play at multiple paces and is always looking ahead to advance the basketball.

2020 6’3” Jalen Suggs – Grassroots Hoops Club – While my only viewing of Suggs wasn’t his best game of the weekend, there were still glimpses that were encouraging. For starters, he already has the size of prospects a couple of years older than him. While not strong enough yet, he has plenty of room to fill out. As a rising freshman, he’s already showing the poise you want from a lead guard who will be not only initiating your offense, but also being a be part of scoring within that offense as well. He has a smooth game that he uses to get himself to the basket for looks at the rim. When the added strength comes, he should develop into a strong finisher who will be tough to keep from getting to the bucket.

2019 6’5” Marcus Domask – Ray Allen Select – Who doesn’t like a prospect who is a good shooter and has an understanding of the game beyond his years? Marcus Domask is that and potentially much more down the line. He demonstrated three-level scoring ability and the awareness to take advantage of mismatches. If he adds another inch or two and better handles along the way, you’re talking about a player who could play multiple positions and be a headache to match up against.

2019 6’11” Owen Coburn – Martin Brothers – When looking for big men, you hope to find good footwork and someone who can score in the post for you. As s rising sophomore, Owen Coburn is already showing the beginning stages of those exact traits. While he’s thin framed now, once he starts adding muscle and consistently boxes out, he’ll become a real paint presence and a skilled offensive scoring big.